Advanced European Rubber Belting ! by Narviflex

Rota Belting is a part of the Narviflex Group.

We develop and monitor production of special high quality rubber belting, mainly based on Rota Cure Heated Drum Technology.

Rota Belting works for the own Narviflex organisation, who sells and installs conveyor belting in the Benelux countries.

But Rota Belting delivers also rubber belts to other belting companies and large OEM projects in Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Austria and Switserland.

Other belting companies can buy full production rolls from Rota Belting (a special production starts at 50 m), but also smaller belts or confectioned belts, like sidewall belting or hot cleated belting.

Do not hesitate to contact us ! We are sure that we can work for you.