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Mesh Belts (Gauze Belts) supplies gauze (mesh) and gauze belts (mesh belts) in a variety of mesh widths and dimensions. Our product range includes both unprocessed gauze and custom-made gauze belts, fitted with cleats, guide strips and sidewalls if required. 

Our gauze belts fitted with PE edge and lateral reinforcements are unique in the market. Due to our special fabrication techniques for these gauze belts :

  • the gauze belt is extra thermo fixated, which makes it more stable
  • the PE edge and lateral reinforcements are completely amalgamated with the gauze belt, which gives extra strength to the belt and prolongs its service life. Reason for this is the PE finishing, which is much stronger than a traditional PVC finishing.


Mesh Size in mm

Permeability in %


500 MYW

0,5 x 0,5 mm

39 %


500 MYB

0,5 x 0,5 mm

22 %


1000 MYB

1 x 1 mm

30 %


2000 MYB

2 x 2 mm

41 %


3000 MYB

3 x 3 mm

51 %


3360 MYW

3,6 x 3,6 mm

54 %


4000 MYB

4 x 4 mm

59 %


Our Gauze / Mesh belts are :

  • Extra stable, long service life due to special finishing
  • Excellent tracking
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easy installation
  • Effortless cleaning
  • Foodgrade quality (FDA and EU)
  • Many fabrication possibilities
  • Comprehensive product range, fast delivery times
Edges Finishing Gauze BeltsEdge Finishing in PE for our Gauze/Mesh Belts