- Specialised Conveyor Belting - Rubber & Plastics
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This is the page which will lead you to the types which we keep in stock in our central warehouse in Belgium.

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Rubber, reinforced, for General Applications, widths up to 2000 mm wide

200 N/mm

Light Rubber Conveyor Belts 200 N/mm

250 N/mm

Light to Medium Conveyor Belts 250 N/mm

400 N/mm

Medium Duty Conveyor Belts 400 N/mm

500 N/mm

Medium to Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts 500 N/mm

630 N/mm

Heavy Duty Conveyor Belts 630 N/mm

Rota Oil

Oil and Grease Resistant Belting

Rota Chevron

Chevron Belts with profiles 15 or 32 mm high

Sliding Belts

Belts to be used on sliding plate (bare back)


Supergrip Belts for inclination to be used on sliding plate

If needed, RotaBelting can also make, by hot vulcanisation, in after-vulcanisation, customised chevron belts (15 mm and 30 mm chevrons). Click HERE for more information.