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One of the biggest stocks in Europe !

RotaSheet - High Quality Rubber for General Applications - Reinforced with 1 or 2 plies

We make our RotaSheet rubber on our Rotacure Production Lines. This gives following advantages :

  • Very homogenuous and flat
  • Available up to 2 m wide
  • Longer lengths possible
  • Top quality conveyor belting rubber, which is much more anti-abrasive compared to the classical sheet rubber
  • As these rolls are made in large quantities, the prices are very sharp
  • But, you can buy also buy small pieces, as full roll, on full width, or waterjet cut according to your CAD drawing (or sketch)

RotaSheet - Range in Stock in Belgium - For Immediate Shipment all over Europe

Rotasheet 3/1

EP 100/1 1+1 WR

Thickness 3 mm, 1 ply EP 100, Covers type Y

Rotasheet 4/1 G OIL

EP 100/1 1,5+1,5 G OIL

Thickness 4 mm, 1 ply, Full Oil and Grease Resistant

Rotasheet 5/1

EP 100/1 2+2 WR

Thickness 5 mm, 1 ply EP 100, Covers type Y

RotaSheet 5/2

EP 200/2 2+1 WR

Thickness 5 mm, 2 ply EP 100, Covers type Y, Can also be used as a belt

Rotasheet 7/1

EP 100/1 3+3 WR

Thickness 7 mm, 1 ply EP 100, Covers type Y

Maximum width : 2.000 mm

All widths available, starting from 50 mm up to 2.000 mm

Longer lengths available. We can cut holes or slots in the slabs by waterjet.