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Rubber Belting from

Dunlop Netherlands Manufactured

Imported and Managed by stocks a lot of the types from the standard production programme of Dunlop Netherlands.

We conceive rubber belting types and let them manufacture in our selected rubber belting factory in Asia. Once the belts arrive in Belgium, they are fully checked in our own laboratory.

We stock nearly everything in belt widths up to 2 m wide.

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Most of the belts are made in type W, according to DIN 22102, this is the quality which is the most anti-abrassive. Our competitors deliver most of the time type Y, but type W is up to 50% more resistant to abrasion.

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Chevron Belts Home Made - VulcaBeast

In our VulcaBeast Presses, we can install by hot after-vulcanisation, chevrons heights 15 or 30 mm. We can do this on most available belt types of a max. belt width of 2.000 mm

Hot Vulcanised Cleats

We can vulcanise thick, solid, flexible cleats on most types of rubber belting (Dunlop and RotaBelting Range).

Elevator Belts

We also have in stock rubber elevator belts, in anti-abrasive, oil and grease resistant and heat resistant quality.